The Cool Day Light Feel In Every Home.

The Real Day Feel with every time you switch on the Bulb.

Fitting the Standards

Getting fit to every home is the ultimate way to light up. Made with INDIAN standard size for a general house hold usage.

Smooth Light Distribution

The Soft diffuser promises to even distribution of light making easy to reach all corners with extra soft diverse light.


The B22 fitting makes easier to adopt the Indian standard of usage to all the commercial usage without any thought.

Say no to those traditional lights!

Consuming more energy and not being efficient will empty your pockets, Switching to the new technology can save you more than you could ever imagine. cutoff the the traditional tungsten lights and switch to safer and energy saving LED Bulb.

Say No to those Harmful Gas Fillings!

Being not fit for the environment is no good which releases the harmful gases and no efficient is still threatening the planet Earth.

Switch to photon flo LED bulb

Easy to Fix, easy to adopt, 85 % of Energy Saver, without any harmful gases and no breaking to sharp glass.